Anatomy of a Pentest 

Live event

April 5th, Wednesday 12:00 PM (EDT)

Our poll showed that 30 % of our LinkedIn audience is only somewhat familiar with OWASP Top 10, the standard vulnerability awareness list which is used by pentesting companies. Today most cyber defense strategies include penetration testing as a crucial component. It makes sense to have a “red team”, either internal or external, finding all gaps and evaluating your defenses and applications for vulnerabilities before an attacker does. It's nearly a certainty that you'll identify new, frequently distinct vulnerabilities after you close the gaps from one round of penetration testing. 

In this talk we will leave our hoody in the dresser and put on business casual attire to dive into the penetration testing process: from initial client engagement to report writing. We will look more closely at what penetration testing is, the various kinds of it, and how it may assist users in safeguarding
, data, and IT systems.

In this knowledge sharing session we will explain:

* What is Penetration Testing
* Why should you perform Pentesting
* How the SMEs can build best practices from practical experience

Don't worry, we will still cover recent trends in OWASP Top 10, OSINT, exploitation and post-exploitation. 

Whether you're an aspiring or a seasoned hacker, a manager, or an executive, you will get value in understanding or reviewing how a penetration testing engagement flows. 

About Speaker

Julien Richard

Consultant, Cyber Security Canada 

Julien is OSCP, CRTP, Pentest+, CISSP, CISA, CCSP, CRISC, GCP-CDL and CEH (Master) certified infosec professional with over 25 years’ experience in the IT field. In the last 4 years, he has performed over 150 penetration testing engagements on a wide range of targets such as network infrastructure, web applications, IoT devices, cloud infrastructure for clients such as provincial governments, national telcos, large municipalities, police departments, health care providers, and much more.